Şadan Gökovalı describes the will of Halikarnas Fisherman to him as follows;
“I will write these, but maybe I will go before I can write. Let me tell you already. I want to be buried in Bodrum. Bit of it, I loved it very much. It was in my service. I want to write at the municipality, but let me tell you better. Let them bury me somewhere near the Mindos gate, next to me Hatice ‘ and (his last wife) to reserve a place. I don’t want marble, concrete or anything.

Find a stone, a tall stone, unwritten. He erected it to my grave. I was born on that date and died on that date. I don’t want writing by any means, a simple stone. Well our boat started getting water. I do not have to like glitz, or be buried in hills or places that see the sea. After all, I cannot watch the sea from where I lie down, I always see the sea in my soul, with the eyes of my heart.

Suat (his son) says they want to bury him in Izmir so that they can visit often. I don’t want to. I love Bodrum, you know. Even if occasionally, the children traveled to visit me, they would be aired I’m not going to ask for a minute of silence anyway. A Hello to Fisherman is good. ” His daughter İsmet Noonan explained how the Halicarnassus Fisherman’s grave was located as follows; “We came to Bodrum with my father in 1972. My father had a friend called Hasip.

He told me that he would go to him. Tourism manager took Çam, his friend Hasip and the Mayor and showed him the place where he wanted to be buried.” When we brought my father’s body, the grave was prepared. “